The Hills are Alive... in Salzburg

I made a plan to have this post out last Fall, right after my trip, but things got in the way and I'm now just finishing it. We started this trip in Paris (see here) and our next stop  was Salzburg, Austria. This city was a big bucket list item for me! Beyond the gorgeous views, Salzburg was the setting for the Sound of Music. 


Some of our best meals on our 10 day trip were in Salzburg. One of the things you have to have is Apple Strudel. Sweets are my favorite and the strudel didn't disappoint.

Gasthaus Zwettlers - While in Austria you have to visit a traditional Austrian Pub. We found this restaurant on a couple lists and it was also recommended to us by a local. It has all of the charm of a pub house and the weiner schnitzel was excellent. It goes great with a half pint of the local beer.   

Triangel – Modern Austrian cuisine at its best. This place has a mixture of the traditional Austrian foods mixed in with local modern favorites. If you don't have a reservation, have a drink up at the bar while you wait. I recommend the dumplings or one of the fish dishes.

Pizza and Vino - This is my kind of place! It is some of the best pasta I've ever have. They have a different menu each night of 3 pasta dishes, one appetizer and 2 desserts.  There aren't any menus, but trust me, everything is amazing. 


Sound of Music Tour – It may sound a little cheesy, and sometimes it was, but the tour was so fun! There are several types of tours in Salzburg. Some are small groups, some on bikes and other on buses. We picked this one because of a recommendation and it didn’t 
disappoint. You stop at several places that are used in the filming of the movie and while on the bus you get some interesting facts and even some Salzburg history. I liked that we learned more than just about the movie.

Some of the stops are: Leopoldskron Castle (see more info in the stay section below), Hellbrun Castle, Nonberg Abbey, Wedding Church, and some amazing views of Salzburg![


Augustiner Brau - Being the largest Beer Garden in Salzburg, this is a must see! Grab a beer and take a look around, this place is huge! There are plenty of rooms to hang out in or if its a nice day, go outside. If you are hungry there are lots of food stalls with sweet and savory items. Give yourself plenty of time to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Paragliding- Now I know this isn’t for the faint of heart, but it was one of the top experiences of my life! On our tour the day before, we saw several paragliders among our mountain views. To get up the mountain you take a bus and then at the top you meet your paraglider guide. After being put in the harness and a quick lesson you are attached to your guide and away you go. We paid to have pics and videos done while we were flying and it’s the best money I spent! Depending on the wins your ride can be anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes. We’ve been told that the Spring and early Summer are the best times to do it!

Wander the city - Walking thru the old town is a step back in time. The city is so charming and easily walkable. Get lost and wander the streets to see the different streets, fountains and so much more.  Salzburg was the home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart so you can visit his home as well. 

Shopping – Walk thru the city center and you can do anything from high end shopping to trinkets. No matter what time of year you go, there are a few Christmas shops that have beautiful ornaments too.


Hotel Schloss Leopoldskon – I can’t recommend this hotel enough and we wish we could have stayed longer. The Hotel is a actually a former palace and home. The backyard of it and lake is the backyard of the Von Trapp home in the movie. On the sound of Music Tour you go by the hotel and see it from across the lake but you can only be on the grounds if you are a guest so it is pretty special to see in person. Breakfast is provided each day and its in one of the great ballrooms in the home. If it’s a nice day I recommend eating on the balcony, because the view can’t be beat! Staying here truly made our trip to Austria and I don't think I could stay anywhere else in Salzburg. 

One of my favorite moments in Salzburg was the free morning we had at the hotel. After breakfast we walked around the grounds and then I spent some time reading by the lake. The hotel is so helpful and their service is great. I like how small it feels and you truly feel like you are at an amazing home. It is a bit outside the city center but it’s not more than a 10 minute taxi ride to anywhere you want to go. They also have bikes you can use! I wish we could have ridden around the lake but it was raining the morning we planned to do that.

Kara Krittenbrink

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