Face Mask Review

Setting the stage for this post, I'm currently wearing a face mask. I'm unwinding from a fun but pretty busy weekend. I've talked about self care before but want to keep the conversation going. Self care is a pretty buzz worth topic right now. Don't believe me? Search #selfcare on instagram and you'll understand what I am talking about. Many times self care is mentioned as being a certain thing but I believe self care is taking the time to do something for yourself and take care of yourself. I like to have a running list of things that I like to do when I have a moment for myself. Whether it is just relaxing with a movie, yoga, cooking or taking a bath, I really try to squeeze in a few moments for myself each week.

As you can tell from how I started this post or from my insta stories, I love a face mask. I like the ritual aspect of taking my makeup off, washing my face and then applying it. And there is nothing better than rinsing it off and seeing how great your skin looks! I aim to do a face mask twice a week. You can almost always catch me doing one on Sunday nights. It is a great way to get ready for the week ahead and try to erase any sins from the weekend (ie. lack of sleep and having a few too many drinks). 

I've tried many many masks and keep buying a few because they work! I've reviewed them below with why I love them and the times I like to use them.

Prep: before I do a face mask I like to start with cleaning off all of my makeup and then I like to gently exfoliate with these pads! Nothing too harsh but it gets my skin prepped for the mask.

BeautyCounter No 3 Balancing & Charcoal Mask - This is the ultimate deep cleaning mask. When I have a break out or feel one coming, I immediately use this mask. It also helps with blackheads and any other impurities. I like to use this one about once a week or every other week. If your skin is on the dryer side, like mine, I wouldn't use it more than that. If you are on the oilier side, you could use it more than I do.

GlamGlow Glitter Mask - I'll start by first admitting that I was first intruiged by this mask because of the glitter aspect. I'd seen it on instagram and it just looked like something I needed to try. Once I realized it was made by GlamGlow, I knew it would also be great for my skin. This mask is super firming and the kind of mask you want to do before a special event or night out. After use your makeup goes on smoother.

Bareminerals Clay Mas Duo Be Pure & Be Dewy - Do you ever need deep cleaning on some parts of your face but other parts need to be moisturized? This mask solves the problem by giving you two masks in one. I put the cleansing mask on my T zone and the moisturizing side on my cheeks and neck! The deep cleaning part is not as strong as the charcoal mask I mention above so it can be used more often.
Kara Krittenbrink

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