New Year, New You?

While I'm not typically one to wait til the beginning of a new year to make changes in my life, I do like how a new year gives you a clean slate and motivation! Instead of just focusing on what I want to change, I always want to focus on things I am doing that I want to keep up in the upcoming year! I think its good to remind myself that I am doing some good things for myself and to keep up with them as I make other changes. Most of my resolutions & habits revolve around self care! I think it is so important to make yourself a priority and do things that are good for you and make yourself happy!

The rest of this month's posts are going to be based of the below resolutions and habits I want to keep up.

3 Things I Will Continue Doing in 2018

1. Working Out - The last year and a half I have been in the most consistent routine of working out that I've ever had. I'm on the lookout for finding a new gym that I like that has strength training/cardio classes. I will keep up going 2-3 times per week but want to add going to a yoga class on the weekend as part of my weekly routine.

2. Keep Skincare a priority - Since I was a teenage I've always had some sort of skincare routine. As I got into my upper 20s I started to try new products and focus on what my skin needed. In the last year I really think I've put together a morning and night routine that works for me and my skin has been better for it. I'll be posting an updated skincare routine soon!

3. Travel - There is really nothing that brings me as much joy as traveling! New places, experiences, people, food, views... I could go on forever! My goal each year is to travel to a new city that I have never been to before and I've done this for over 15 years! I have several trips already on the books for the year but still need to confirm my trip for a new destination.

3 Resolutions for 2018

1. Find a way to eat healthy that works for me - Although I've tried different diets, I firmly believe most of them aren't sustainable. This month, I am doing a clean eating challenge. It is pretty restrictive but I'm 11 days in and honestly feel great. I've done several cleanses/ clean eating times and never had felt this great or had this much energy. I'm hoping this month will help me create some good habits that I can keep up!

2. Keep a Consistent Blog Schedule - I've shared a few times in the last year how I'm disappointed that I have not been as consistent at posting as I have been years before. Starting now you will see more content and hopefully soon a new look and some extra features on Everyday K!

3. Buy Smarter not More - I've started this a bit but I really want to focus on what I purchase in the next year. I want to make sure it is items that will last longer and really add to my wardrobe. I will spend more on these items but have them forever.

Every quarter I'll be doing a check in to see how I am doing with each one of these things!

Are you making any resolutions or changes this year? If so, what are they?

Kara Krittenbrink

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