Matte Lip Color Reviews

The last few years matte lip color has become more and more popular! I've been a big fan of this trend from the beginning. I've tried lots of brands and there are definitely some better ones than others. The first matte formulas that I tried were beautiful colors but after wearing for an hour or two my lips were so dry! It was hard to wear those colors when they didn't feel good. The dryness also makes the color crack a bit. 

To combat the dry problem many brands came out with cream matte formulas! The creamy colors looked matte but felt silky. The problem with some of these formulas is that they don't last on your lips and you need to reapply all the time. 

I've done some research and found two formulas that I love! 

A friend of mine recommended the new Gen Nude lip line from Bare Escentuals. It didn't take much coaxing since Bare Escentuals is one of my favorite make up brands. The new Gen Nude line has lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss and liquid lipcolor. I fell for the Gen Nude liquid lip color because all the colors are matte. I bought the color Weekend, it's a great rosey neutral. The formula is soft and comfortable. I was surprised by how well it lasts since it is so soft on my lips! The color is a "my lips but better" look. My favorite way to wear this color is layered over my brighter lipsticks. It blends well and mellows out the colors. Layering lipsticks is a great way to extend the number of lip colors you have!

On a whim I purchased this Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil duo. It's nice to get smaller sizes when trying out a new product or brand. Both colors are great, but I definitely love Cruello more (seen in the 2nd pic above)! The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils go on smooth and very similar to most matte lipsticks. The difference is how my lips felt a few hours later. It is not the dry cracked feeling like other matte lipsticks I've worn, it still feels smooth! The formula is not what I would call moisturizing but it is hard to get that with any matte color. The pigment lasted most of the day, even through my morning coffee and then lunch!

Do you like the matte lip trend? What brands/formulas do you wear?

Kara Krittenbrink

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