Stay Warm

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On Saturday, I will be bundling up to watch the last home football game for my alma mater. I'll need lots of layers to survive the game, the low is 35 degrees! A final piece on your head is key to keeping warm. I'm a firm believer that you can stay stylish while you are trying to stay warm. I love beanies and think this grey striped one might be my favorite! I also love this Kate Spade one with the bow. 

A friend recently told me she didn't like how she looked in beanies, so I found some other great options. These fur earmuffs add a bit of luxury to your look and these shearling ones are classic and will pair with every coat you have. For extra warmth, this headband is fur lined for extra warmth. These earmuffs plug into your phone and will play audio!

How will you be staying warm as the temperatures keep dropping?  
Kara Krittenbrink

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