Lace Up Flats

I am working on my list of fall trends and there is one that I wanted to share first! Lace up flats have popped up everywhere recently and its become one of my favorite trends. They are a great way to change up a typically flat. As you can see above, my favorites are the ones with a pointed toe. 

Lace up flats are very versatile! From dressy to casual you can work these in a lot of different styles and situations. They are a great transition piece to take you into fall. While its still warm, dress up your favorite pair of shorts for a new look. A simple but cute outfit would be a colored pair of shorts, chambray top and lace up flats. When fall finally arrives, I plan on pairing them with tights or skinny jeans and an oversized sweater.  
Kara Krittenbrink

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  1. I have seen the lace up flats everywhere recently, and I love the versatility of it, too! A simple black one would be the ideal lace up for me, because what's more versatile than a pair of lace up flats? A pair of black lace up flats, of course. Haha, Happy September!

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